Wearable Wisdom to help Wake us up.
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Waking Dragons tshirts, inspiring us to BE BOLD. Go within. LOVE HEALTH. Laugh lots.

We are a tshirt company created by two artists, Connie and Andrew, who love to wear comfortable and inspiring tshirts while travel down the path of enlightenment. 

Hi. I'm Connie of Waking Dragons tshirts; technically the "owner" since things are in my name, but we are very much a partnership. I grew up in the South. Andrew grew up in the North. In the 90's we both went to design schools and worked as graphic designers. We spent a couple of decades traveling down various roads. We met in our early 40s on a dating site. Go figure! We both have been back to school and work in the medical world. I'm an RN. Andrew is a COTA, working towards his Occupational Therapy degree. Our home is filled with children, laughter, and tears.

Our big picture goal is to reach Enlightenment while holding the hands of other Enlightened Spirits. Sounds simple enough :) We see ourselves as edgy, funny, and real. The edgy wakes us up. The funny keeps us from running away. And the real seeps its way inside.

Enjoy...Waking Dragons Wearable Wisdom to help Wake us up.


Connie and Andrew